Modern light-weight glider construction
“look inside”

free workshop series for the product launch of Leeloo


November, 9th – 29th 2020

With Michael Nesler, known from:

Workshop: Modern light-weight glider construction

Date: Wednesday, Nov 11th, 8 – 9.30 pm (app.)

Everyone wants to fly the lightest possible gliders. This is comprehensible and quite in the original sense of free flying! But there are limits: In durability, in flight behaviour and even in performance. This workshop will show you what you should pay attention to and how to use your lightweight glider best.

Workshop: „How would a wing look like if a designer would create it for himself?"“

Date: Wednesday, Nov 18th, 8 – 9.30 pm (app.)

After 500 successfully certified paraglider models in 35 years the time has come… “I want a wing without compromise, made of the best materials available and with exactly those characteristics that make every single flight a breath-taking experience for me.” Paragliding is to me: discovering, experimenting, exploring new routes. To be able to do that I need a glider I can fully trust, in any moment ant that fits to me. Surely, the glider may collapse sometimes – but only to dissipate excess energy but not to frighten me. How exactly this looks, feels and is technically achieved, I will reveal in this workshop.

Workshop: rast V3

Date: Wednesday, Nov 25th, 8 – 9.30 pm (app.)

RAST is said to work wonders, especially in the case of collapses and frontals. If and how this really works and what the real advantages of RAST are, I will reveal in this workshop.

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You should definitely participate in the workshop series if you want to …

  • take an exclusive and intimate look behind the scenes of paraglider development
  • take part hands-on in the creation of a new paraglider model for 3 weeks – for which you have probably no other opportunity
  • know what’s important in the design and construction of light-weight paragliders
  • know what distinguishes the different light-weight gliders from each other in terms of design, use and quality
  • you already have a light-weight glider and want to know how best to take care of your paraglider so that you can enjoy it for a long time
  • have the opportunity for 3 weeks to have direct contact with Michael Nesler in Q&A and to exchange ideas with like-minded people
  • take your chance to win a brand new LEELOO (EN-B high performance, light-weight glider of Profly)


Is the workshop series “Modern light-weight glider construction look inside” really free of charge?

Yes, “Modern light-weight glider construction look inside” is really completely free for you. At the end of the event we’ll offer our new glider LEELOO. Of course ordering a LEELOO is absolutely voluntary and optional. You will already take a lot fo great AHA for yourself out of the seminars and the whole event. As far as we know, this look behind the scenes is absolutely unique.

Will there be recordings of the workshops?

Yes, we will provide you with the recordings after each seminar as soon as possible.

When will the workshop series “Modern light-weight glider construction look inside” take place?“ statt?

We start officially on Monday, Nov, 9th 2020. The first workshop will take place
Wednesday, Nov, 11th 2020, followed by a workshop every week. With
the celebration party on November 29th, 2020, the event ends.

What technical requirements do I need for the workshop series?

You need a device with Internet access (a computer, a tablet or
a smartphone). If you are able to register with us, then
you meet all the requirements. If you’re also in WhatsApp or Facebook, it’s easier. But not necessary.

YES, I want to participate in the workshops!

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The first workshop begins in